Creating value for organisations with expert insight into the solo / singles market

who are We?

Solo Insights is the consulting arm of The Living Well Alone Project. We offer bespoke, high quality customer insight support to businesses looking to attract and keep more ‘solo’ customers.

Solo customers can be people who live alone, are single, or who for other reasons want or need to use a product or service by themselves. This could include travel, retail, leisure, entertaiment and hospitality services, delivery services, home and garden products, and many more.

We also work with HR departments in organisations that want to know more about how to support, motivate and retain staff who identify as ‘solo’ or ‘single.’


Globally, the numbers of people ‘going solo’ are increasing (8 million people in the UK live alone, and around 36 million in the US) – yet only a small number of businesses are recognising and responding to the needs of this growing and economically active demographic.

At Solo Insights, we are passionate about improving the day to day experiences of people who live alone and experience the world ‘solo.’

Our mission is to drive the development of brilliant products and services that ‘solos’ want to use, and that actively improve their quality of life. We also work to improve mainstream business practice to create fair, equitable and inclusive workplaces where singles thrive.


As we recover from Covid-19, brands and businesses will be looking to expand into new markets, as well as retaining existing customers. Workforce retention and productivity will also be key.

We can provide high quality, tailored insight to support different aspects product and service design / development, including: market research and analysis; idea generation / screening; concept development; user testing; marketing campaigns and strategies; assessment and evaluation; problem solving, including understanding existing customer journeys.

We also provide bespoke training for HR, leades and managers to companies looking to better understand, motivate and retain experienced staff who identify as solo / single.


Our Director, Hannah Ellis Carmichael OBE, is the co-founder of the Living Well Alone Project, one of the world’s fastest growing online communities of ‘solos.’ Hannah is passionate about challenging perceptions of what it means to live alone in the 21st century, and creating a world where people living solo have the tools they need to lead healthy, confident, connected and fulfilling lives.