Society is changing. The focus on family – friendly policies in recent years has levelled the playing field for millions of parents – but what about those who are left behind? Our core training programme covers:

  • Rise of the solo society – understanding ‘single status’ as a new aspect of diversity
  • Understanding single life – lifestyle issues which may impact attendance, motivation and focus at work
  • Singles at work – what singles want, and the benefits to employers who take notice
  • ‘Singlism’ (discrimination against single people) – how this presents, and implications for HR policy and processes
  • Simple strategies for creating a single inclusive workplace – introducing the CIA (curiosity, intent, adapt) framework

Organisations can access this training in a number of ways:

  • Live in-person or online workshops (half day or full day, depending on requirements)
  • ‘Train the trainer’ support, equipping your in-house team to deliver this awareness-raising content
  • A self-service, online version, with content tailored to align with your organisational requirements. We will work with your in-house or contracted learning and development partner/s to integrate a self-service version of the training into your corporate training platform/s.
  • An off-the-shelf, self-service version is available for a single licencing fee, irrespective of the number of devices on which it is shared. This offer does not come with any integrations, or content adaptations.

We suggest starting with this broad base training to build organisational awareness of this new aspect of diversity. Once this step is completed, we can work with you to develop a bespoke package of onwards support, should that be required, including: expertise to design / run staff assessments, providing insight into key issues and establishing a quantifiable baseline for further intervention; support in designing and implementing targeted solutions to create a more single-inclusive workplace.

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