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Creating a Single Inclusive Workplace

Modern employers recognise the tangible benefits of encouraging a diverse and inclusive workplace. However very few know that the experience of being single is a new aspect of diversity which is only just being recognised, and which could affect up to 50% of the workforce in some organisations. Or that ‘singlism’ (discrimination against single people) is becoming increasingly recognised as more and more people spend more of their lives without a primary romantic relationship.

We offer a range of bespoke solutions to help your organisation attract and retain top talent by building a culture which is genuinely single-inclusive. Helping you develop your organisational awareness of the challenges faced by single / solo people both inside and out of the workplace, and developing / implementing solutions which impact positively at both team and individual level.

Tackling Loneliness in the Workplace

Research shows that up to 60% of employees have experienced loneliness, and up to a quarter may have left a job because of it. This matters because loneliness can have profoundly negative impacts on employee motivation, productivity and performance.

Whether loneliness is caused by factors inside or outside the workplace, there are a range of simple strategies that employers can implement to help employees feel more seen, valued and connected. At Solo Insights, we believe passionately that employers can play a powerful role in tackling workplace loneliness, and that there are good reasons to do so. We can offer a range of training programmes and assessments to build awareness of the causes and impacts of workplace loneliness. We can also support with the development of targeted solutions, evaluated for impact.